Regional Katoombas: Tropical AmericaTAKG Network

GroupOne of the main goals of the Katoomba Group network is to strengthen the knowledge base of our partners in the network in the realm of Payment for Ecosystem Services.  We seek primarily to collect, analyze and disseminate learning from the actions of our partners, and to facilitate linkages and interaction between us to successfully take on critical opportunities to bring new financing to conservation with strong development impacts.

Our primary methods include convening and participating in events, developing and documenting knowledge in publications and other formats, and disseminating new material describing the state of play of the markets, and the challenges and roles of the various institutions in the evolving market. We offer a web-based platform for our partners to use to advance their work.

Main Network activities include:

  • Convening workshops, networking events and participating in Katoomba partner events where we share materials, take key speakers and offer speaking opportunities to Katoomba partners to share their experiences and present the latest information on ecosystem markets
  • We design and carry out tailored courses for specific audiences on topics of interest in Payment for Ecosystem Services.
  • Document and disseminate lessons learned from PES projects and policy initiatives via Learning Tools and Guides on PES (see PES Learning Tools tab on this website) via legal frameworks and contracting work
  • Coordinate efforts of the group towards key opportunities to influence the development of PES markets.
  • Facilitate linkages between ecosystem services buyers, sellers, technical support institutions, between project developers and governments at different levels, upon request.
    • See the Katoomba Partners page for the particular interests, specialty and geographic focus of participants in the network.
    • Also see the Katoomba Ecosystem Services Incubator for more information.
  • Hosting a discussion forum on this website (email TA-katoomba (at) forest-trends.org), and offering our support for other activities that facilitate linkages between Katoomba partners.
  • Increase visibility of Katoomba partner’s work by sharing case material on their projects and experiences for the Ecosystem Marketplace and sister websites at www.mercadosambientales.com and www.mercadosambientais.com. Please send us your article to post (email TA-katoomba (at) forest-trends.org).