Regional Katoombas: Tropical America
Initiative: Forging innovative ecosystem services methodologies and PES models

Pioneering new approaches to developing and offering ecosystem services will help ensure that land managers remain ahead of demand coming from investors, while maintaining high social and environmental returns to the ecosystem service-supplying community. By linking and consolidating expertise of different Katoomba members working on similar novel approaches to developing ecosystem services in Learning Groups, we hope to aid in ensuring that these new methods are built robustly and efficiently. Highlighting the contributions from leading organizations in the field in the creation of new methods can help ensure best practices are incorporated and that the one-off activities can be replicated. By connecting network partners working on similar topics, the support of the Katoomba Group and the Ecosystem Marketplace (see www.ecosystemmarketplace.com) is brought to bear on the development of these pioneering approaches.

As a network dedicated to capacity building at the local level in Latin America, the lessons and expertise from Learning Groups can be consolidated by the TAKG into new Guidelines and tools, as well as disseminated to the network.  Pioneering approaches being developed now in Learning Groups include:

  1. Methods to ´aggregate´ small ecosystem service sellers for larger buyers
  2. Supporting development of a unique “bundled conservation unit”
  3. Ecosystem services sales via certificates on Social and Environmental stock exchanges in Latin America
  4. Adaptation and PES

To participate in these Learning Groups or to propose ideas for other Groups based on your projects and activities, check the TAKG Discussion Group page and contact Hannah Murray at hmurray(at)forest-trends.org.